Inspection of Schools

3.1 Inspection of Schools:

1. The Director of Education shall be responsible for the supervision and inspection of all schools in the State.

2. For the purpose of sub-rule (1), the Director may assign all or any of the functions relating to the supervision and inspection to such officer subordinate to him, and as may be authorised by him in this behalf.

3. Every Officer, authorised by the Director of Education under sub-rule(2), shall discharge his duties of supervision and inspection under the direction, control and supervision of the Director of Education.

4. The Director of Education may also form a team/ panel of persons with special knowledge and experience of different subjects taught in school, to carry out inspections of the schools.

5. The Director of Education may also carry out surprise inspections through any officer authorised by him in this behalf.

6. Every inspecting officer, other than the Director of Education, inspecting a school shall within 15 days from the completion of the inspection, submit a report to the next higher authority with a copy to the concerned school and Director of Education for such further necessary action and compliance, as might be deemed fit in the matter.

7. When the Director of Education himself makes the inspection, he shall send a copy of the inspection note to the head of the concerned school with a copy to the District Education Officer and the Deputy Director of Education of the concerned zone for necessary action and compliance. He may also send a copy to Secretary (Education) for information.

8. Inspection Report:- The report of every inspection shall be made on the proforma prescribed by the Department annexed at the end of this chapter.

9. The different inspecting officers shall adhere to the following norms of inspections in an academic year:-

(i) The District Education Officer should inspect all the middle and high schools of his district. He shall also pay surprise visits to senior secondary schools in his district.

(ii) The Zonal Deputy Director of Education should inspect all Sr. Sec. & 60 middle and high schools in the respective zone.

(iii) The Additional Director and Joint Director of Education (Schools) shall inspect schools as may be assigned by the Director of Education.

(iv) The Additional Director and Joint Director of Education (Colleges) should inspect all such institutions as may be assigned by the Director of Education .

(v) The Additional Director (Admn.) shall inspect such institutions as may be assigned by the Director of Education.

(vi) The Director of Education may assign the inspection of district and zonal offices to any other officer as he may deem proper and report is to be submitted on prescribed proforma as given in office manual.

3.2 Advance notice of inspection to be given to schools:

Except in the case of surprise visits, intimation of the proposal to carry out the inspection of a school shall be given preferably, one month in advance to the head of the school.

1. Every inspection shall be as objective as possible and shall be aimed at bringing about an improvement in the standards of teaching in the school.

2. While making the inspection, the following items should be critically examined, viz:-

(a) academic work i.e. actual teaching and its different aspects including teacher diary.
(b) Libraries and its service to students and teachers.
(c) Games and sports and their organisations.
(d) Co-curricular activities.
(e) The overall environment and interpersonal relations of the teachers among themselves with the parents of the students and the community in general.
(f) Administration and organisation of the school.
(g) Accounts of the school and their maintenance.
(h) The school plan and physical needs of the school.
(i) Discipline and punctuality in the school.
(j) Adherence to the rules and instructions by the school.
(k) National integration/emotional education/value education and other items as incorporated in the inspection programme.
(l) Calendar of activities.
(m) Celebration of annual function.

3. The inspecting officer shall go to each class and watch the teaching in at least two classes of each teacher and shall specifically note the good and bad points observed.

4. All the inspecting officers shall ensure that follow up action on report is taken promptly.

3.3 Guidelines for Inspecting Officers:

The supervision or inspection shall;

(i) aim at providing academic guidance to the teacher and help the institution in the promotion of a higher standard of education;
(ii) not aim at fault finding of the teachers and their work, but for providing concrete suggestions for the improvement of teaching, class work, home work and its correction;
(iii) help the institution in organisation of co-curricular programmes in a manner conducive to the all round development of the students and help in the co-curricular development of the school.
(iv) the supervising and inspecting officers shall:-

(a) formulate a definite plan for supervising the subject and classes of each teacher;

(b) focus his attention on the teaching-learning situation and not on the teacher as a person;

(c) emphasize the professional growth of the teacher by developing his/her powers of self direction;

(d) give the teachers requisite freedom to try out new experiments, methods and innovations in the process of teaching;

(e) help the teachers to understand the role of the school, and the objectives to be achieved through the teaching-learning process in the school.

3.4 Inspection of middle schools, by heads of complex schools :

Heads of complex schools will also be responsible for efficient and proper functioning of middle schools under their control. They will ensure proper maintenance of accounts of funds and other relevant records of the schools, punctuality and discipline among the staff and students. He will make surprise visits and two half-yearly inspections of the school(s) and will report to the District Education Officer. He will also do detailed annual inspection and will report on prescribed proforma (Annexure-I), under relevant items, to the District Education Officer.



Subject :- Report of inspection/surprise visit.


The undersigned inspected/paid surprise visit to your school on ______________. The contents of the inspection report are as under:-

1. Attendance of staff :-

The following staff was present in the school :-

Sr. No. Name of staff Designation


2. Students attendance :-
Class No. of students Presence of the day

_________________________________________________ Total _________________________________________________

3. Teachers' Diary(monthly and yearly teaching plan):

4. Coverage of syllabus(As per plan) :


5. Cash book:


6. Position of funds:

I. Amalgamated (Union) Fund. ______________________ II. Building Fund. __________________________________
III Science Fund.___________________________________
IV Fine Fund.______________________________________
V Sports Fund.____________________________________
VI. Scout Fund._____________________________________
VII Magazine Fund__________________________________
VIII dentity Card Fund _______________________________
IX Furniture repair/
Replacement fund _______________________________
X Cultural Activity Fund____________________________
XI Library Security (refundable)_______________________
XII Examination Fund________________________________
XIII NCC Fund _____________________________________
XIV _______________________________________________
XV _______________________________________________


7. Accommodation and play ground :

Observation :

8. Service Records:- A test check of service books of the following staff was carried out;

Sr. No. Name of Official Designation
Observation :

9. Morning Prayer:


10. Co-curricular activities:
11. Calander of activities
12. Games, sports and their organisation
13. Physical Education activities.
14. Discipline
15. School Plan and physical needs
16. Library service
17. Inter personal relations of staff
between themselves and with Head
18. Celebration of annual function.
19. School magazine.
20. NCC
21. NSS
22. Development of campus
23. Legal matters, if any.
24. Whether duties of a head of institution
performed(check the list/enumeration given
under section 2.1 of the code) mention.
25. Any other observation worth mentioning
26. A brief resume about the working of the school

(Inspecting Officer)
Endst. No. :

Copy to:-
1. The Director of Education Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-1, for
favour of information please.
2. The Deputy Director of Education (concerned zone), for information please.
3. The District Education Officer ________________________ Distt. ____________.
4. Principal/Headmaster of the concerned school.

(Inspecting Officer)